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Locate your Kids

Are they at school? On their way home? In their friend’s house? Just take a look on the Map and be reassured about where your children are at all times thanks to real-time location.

Get Notified

Set up automatic place alerts and get notified when Circle members have arrived at a destination or are leaving their favorite spot. For instance, you can be automatically notified once Nina arrives at the library or when Nicolas is leaving school.

Get Organized

Keep everyone's activities and appointments, all in one place. Create and share shopping lists, gift ideas, important contacts and more in real time and privately.

Communicate Easily

Stay close those you care about most with instant messaging. Texts, voice, photos or videos of your best moments…send whatever you want, privately and be notified when you're receiving a new message.

Just take a look on the Map and see instantly where the members of your private Circle are, anytime thanks to the real-time location technology. No more annoying “where are you?” calls.

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